Grants & Recognitions : Mission

The mission of the Grants & Recognitions Department is to support district staff in identifying and obtaining external funding for projects that forward district and campus objectives, and to support recognition opportunities for NISD staff and programs. 

NISD Communication Liason

The Grants & Recognitions Department functions as a liaison between the district and the community collaborating on proposals, connecting, developing and enhancing partnerships for NISD projects. This conduit of communication is designed to reduce duplication (e.g., competing proposals for the same funding source), increasing the potential for financial support. Coordinating the appropriate channels of approval and maintaining the NISD School Board, Superintendent and Central Office Administration of impacting proposal projects enables the Grants & Recognitions Department and NISD to carefully analyze the implications that specific grant programs may have for the district.

NISD Grant Communication Criteria

District staff planning to submit grant applications should consult with the Grants & Recognitions Department if the proposal:

  • Requires the endorsement of the NISD School Board and/or Superintendent
  • Duplicates and/or competes with other proposals from NISD or community entities
  • Requires contracting additional personnel, or involves changes in current personnel positions
  • Requires a match (money or in-kind) from the District or other partners; and/or
  • Request for funding is $5,000 or greater

A copy of any grant proposal submitted on behalf of NISD, regardless of the amount of funding request, should be sent to the Grants & Recognitions Department.