NEF Grants


NEF Grants- Colby Northside Education Foundation competitive grants are awarded to fund innovative projects or programs. Glass awarded a variety of grants for the 2012-2013 school year:

 Eduardo Molina-Counselor- Grant Title:  "Building Castles"
Description:  Grant money will be used to finance a Sand Training course and materials for student use in the counselor's office.  Sand Tray counseling is a type of play therapy that helps children experience trauma, grief & loss, poor self-esteem, and/or have difficulties in expressing personal feelings.  Amount won:  $457.74

Natalie Moodie-5th grade Teacher- Grant Title:  Project Genre
Description: It is to purchase different book genres for our classroom.  We were lacking in biographies and historical fiction books. Amount won: $481.00

Amber Gonzales-Vice Principal-Grant title: Good Attendance Is the Real “Prize” to Student Success.
Description: Making school attendance a priority helps children learn the good work and study habits that will serve them well now and throughout their lives. It’s a fact that students who attend school regularly learn more and are more successful in school than students who do not. We have set a goal of 97% for the 2012-2013 school year. We would like to encourage better attendance through friendly competition amongst grade levels. Amount: $500.00

Patricia Lambert-Principal- Grant title: At work, at play let safety lead the way.
Description:  This grant will help purchase more safety items such as cones to help ensure safety for students, staff and parents in the parking lot and front pick-up area. Amount: $500.00

James Juarez: Head Custodian- Grant title: The Right Tools Get the Job Done.
Description: This grant will provide the custodial staff needs to purchase tools and equipment to maintain the school grounds and the campus. Amount: $602.93

Samantha Rodriguez: 3rd grade Teacher- Grant title:   Loving Literature Circles in 3rd Grade.
Description: The grant money is to buy novels for students to use in small groups for discussion and book clubs. Amount: $450.00

Sherry Paul: Librarian- Grant title: What do I read next?
Description:  This year's grant focuses on a favorite type of reading-- series books.  This grant will allow students who enjoy a particular author or character to read a series of books. Amount: $996

Karen Gilman and Adrianna Alvarez: Reading Specialists- Grant title: Mad About Mentor Texts!
Description:  This grant will allow the Reading Specialists the ability to purchase mentor texts to supply to teachers for use in their classrooms when teaching various reading skills to the students in their classrooms. Amount:  $493.00

Other Grants:
Firstmark Credit Union Grant for Educators- Adrianna Alvarez: Reading Specialist- Grant title: Mentor Texts
Description:  This grant will fund texts for the campus in order to support our writing curriculum. Amount: $500.00