I wanted to send you a quick thank you for preparing [my student] for high school science.  At the Health Careers open house last spring, she told one of the science teachers how much she loved science and what a great 8th grade teacher she had.  The teacher said she would have to let her know if she still felt prepared once she started school this year, it was almost like a challenge. I have to tell you that [she] was more than ready and I am amazed at what she is able to do.  Last week, after completing a research assignment/essay about pill bugs the previous week, she designed her own lab, completed the lab, wrote a 5 page report including charts/graphs and even evaluated her lab.  I am not sure if all of the high schools require this of freshmen the first grading period but it was pretty involved!   She was so confident about the whole thing and had other kids texting her constantly for help and advice.  Your guidance and your mentoring in building her up made her the science student she is today. She is absolutely, over the moon, in love with her school and I know that your sweet comments like, "You are more than smart enough to go to Health Careers" gave [her] the push she needed.  I can't thank you enough! ~M. Sanchez

Just a quick note to let you know how awesome we think Garcia is!  It’s been a great place for both our boys. [Our eldest] was very prepared for HS, and [our youngest] is on a similar path, thanks to you and your awesome teachers and staff.  We appreciate the communication with the newsletter each week plus the phone calls and just in general how smoothly everything runs.  We just love it and wanted to let you know.  :-) ~J. Lasater

Thank you for allowing fifth grade to be part of your day today.  The theater students did a fantastic job, and the experience of sixth grade lunch is one our [5th grade] students will not soon forget.  They couldn't stop talking about how much they love Garcia and can't wait to go next year.  We teachers loved being able to see our past students as well! Thanks again for an awesome day!  ~Fifth Grade Teacher, Bob Beard Elementary​

I wanted to tell you that we really appreciate the wonderful most excellent job Julie has done in her math classes.   After [my student] was told [she] would fail STAAR last year, [she] has bounced back.  She had a low self esteem in math all year and lacked confidence.  Thanks to Julie, she tells me math is easy, at least she thinks it is. She was uneasy about reteach and restest, yet after being successful again, she trusts the system. Although math does not come easy to her, thanks to the culture Julie’s facilitated in her room, there have been no negative comments this year.   Thank you so much for your hard work Julie.  ~M. Rose 

I just wanted to share...what [my student] and her friend told me.  She explained [that her principal] approached her in the hall and asked if she and her friend wanted to go have some doughnuts and help the students...receiving BMC support work on their social skills.  She said it touched her heart how sweet the kids were.  One of the boys from Helotes lives in our neighborhood and we didn't know that.  We are now making a special effort to talk to him in the mornings at the bus stop.  He doesn't stand with the other kids.  The kids and I left Halloween Boo gifts on their front door last night.  We experienced so much joy doing something nice for his family.  Just wanted you to know you made [my student and her friend]'s day by asking them. Thank you for giving her the opportunity to grow personally and make some new friends. ~S. Timm

Dr. Woods, I wanted to forward to you my personal email to the 8th grade basketball coaches at H Garcia middle school re: their treatment of my son who was involved in an on-court injury yesterday evening.  I was promptly informed of the situation from Coach Kraft and Vasquez and when I arrived at the school gym they already had my son stabilized and secured.  I know that with so many students to take care of during a hectic school schedule there is a lot of pressure on the coaches, but the degree of professionalism and athletic know-how of these gentlemen were well above what parents would expect.  My son has gone through football and basketball seasons at Garcia and our family has only experienced positive development and professionalism from the coaching staff.  I have had three children go through Garcia and our family feels very fortunate to have the caliber of teachers, administrators and coaches that makes up Garcia.  I have also gotten to know Principal Wernli and she has done an outstanding job of leadership as Garcia continues to grow in enrollment. I'm sure negative complaints from parents sometimes outweigh the positive remarks, so I am sending this as a way of expressing my gratitude! Sincerely, K. Kouba

Mrs. Settles, I just wanted to pass along this picture of [our student].  This was the evening of the NISD HS Region choir recital.  She got 9th seat in the Treble Choir...we are so very happy and proud of her. We have come a long way with her.  We finally...feel that we are arriving at a firmer place with her life. She is still happy to express herself but she now moves with confidence and happiness.  Much of this could not have happened without the care, patience, and support she got from you and the administration at Garcia MS.  It means a lot to us parents that you take the time and look at each student individually.  Many schools and teachers don't. The school she was at before did not.  I know there is still much for her experience in high school but she has a solid foundation that you helped to cultivate in her.  Thank you so much!  What you do makes a difference.  Just look at that smile on her face.  

Mrs. McFarlane, I just wanted to thank you so much for putting on a stupendous talent show yesterday! Everything from the different acts to the stage decorations, lighting, filming, sound, backstage crew and MC was just Outstanding!! Yesterday was the first time our daughter...had the chance to participate in a real live talent show and having that experience was just a blessing to us all. Originally my husband did not think she would even get in. At one point he even told her not to worry about trying out merely because he thought she wouldn't get in. She got in and we were all beaming with joy; not only because she got in but because she was able to make a friend in doing so. Seeing her up on the stage making people laugh was one of the proudest moments a parent can experience. We will look back and remember that moment for the rest of our lives and either smile or laugh. She will look back and remember how confident she was; this eleven year old who was afraid to enter sixth grade this summer. We wanted you to know what a blessing this experience has been for [her] and that she will be more confident and [have] less stage fright because of it. Thank you again for giving students the confidence they needed to get through it all. It really takes a special teacher to have the time, stamina and patience for an event such as talent show! You are a wonderful role model for the students at Garica and what you do for them truly makes a difference in the lives of many! We can't wait to see your theater arts performances this year! :) ~C. Onofre

Just want to thank you for all the time and dedication you provide not only to my son...but all the 7th grade boys during the football season.  [My son] has played baseball since he was 5 years old, until this year when he decided to try football (and he has decided this is the sport for him).  I have never seen my son so excited to go to a 6:00 a.m. practice!    Thank you again for inspiring my son everyday and being a positive role model for him. ~S. Bonnett

Mrs. Wernli and Mrs. Mireles, Our family thoroughly enjoyed this year’s 6th grade band concert last night.  It's always so impressive how fast the band instructors are able to get our children playing for the first time. I wanted to take a quick moment to highlight something that really impressed my husband and I.  There was a student with special needs in the percussion section.  When he got frustrated, Mrs. Esparza discreetly went and stood next to him while Mrs. Perkins continued to conduct.  After that, he had a spot to sit in the back of the band and was allowed to use one of the xylophone mallets to conduct along with the playing. It was a seamless way to include him in the performance without drawing unnecessary attention, and it was obvious that they do this all the time. Way to go, ladies! ~J. Palmer

Please let you choir know what a beautiful job they did singing on TV Fox 29. I happened to catch many schools singing that morning and they were all good, but your choir team particularly stood out. Very polished. As a Northside alumni (1978) I'm always proud of how talented these children are, direct reflection of those teachers that invest in them. Thank you ~Pam 

Please accept this small token of our appreciation for the tremendous effort by your teaching and counseling staff in support of [my student]. I feel it is important to formally document the outstanding efforts made by the individuals I will mention shortly so that it may in some way be reflected in their professional record. Lead and coordinated by the professional, kind, and dedicated counselor, Ms. Minnis, [my student] was able to receive timely, accurate, and supportive letters of recommendation for the application for two private high schools – TMI Episcopal and Incarnate Word High School, in addition to letters for the prestigious and highly competitive Alkek and Frost Scholarships offered at TMI Episcopal. Remarkable to me, was the huge demand on a daily basis for Ms. Minnis, Ms. Esparza, Ms. Marthis, Ms. Fitzgerald, Ms. Beck, and Mr. Howard Villarreal, yet they managed to provide multiple documents in support of [my student]. However, I am not surprised by their dedication.  They are also unwavering in their drive to educate students, including [my student] – every single day. Many of the same teachers, have been consistently outstanding in their professionalism and support of our family since our time at Garcia started when it first opened. Gratefully, M. McCafferty

Hey...gold star to you [Mr. Hinchman] for doing such a great job prepping your students for AP history classes in high school. I read the DBQ that's due on Tuesday and it looks very similar to what my HS junior is doing in his AP US History class in preparation for the AP exam, so I had him come look at it.  He says they do stuff like that on a daily basis in class (and he's already gotten 4s on both his history AP exams so far, so I feel like he has an idea of what's good prep).  I'm sure you are already aware of what you are doing and how awesome it is, but sometimes it's nice to have confirmation that you are doing good stuff! Thanks for doing all you do! ~Jen

Coach Kraft, First of all, congratulations on a great season.  The team clearly improved throughout the year and peak at the right time. It was nice to see the team overcome some adversity and beat all the teams we lost to in the season and be the zone champs. I thought your coaching was impressive. Not only because of the results but the way you conducted yourself during games and practices. You have been one of [my student]’s best coaches and he thinks very highly of you. He has enjoyed playing for you and I can see why. Thanks again for all you have done and again congratulations on a great season! ~B. Torres