A Lady of Literature: An Interview with Ms. Tharp

(Conducted by Mya S. and Karley F.)

Photograph of Garcia Middle School's librarian, Stacie Tharp.

Needless to say, Ms. Stacie Tharp loves books. What librarian doesn’t? She has read at least five hundred books and says her favorite book changes all the time. Her current favorite is Refugee by Alan Gratz. She enjoys the genres of historical fiction, realistic fiction, and science fiction. Of course there is much more to do in the library than read. Ms. Tharp stays busy updating the library’s websites, helping with 3D printing, working with students on computers, purchasing books and furniture for the library, giving book talks to students and parents, and teaching lessons about databases and research tools.

Ms. Tharp has been teaching for twenty-two years, and has worked at many different schools. She says, “Dr. Hector Garcia Middle School has the most kind and caring students and staff by far!” That kindness inspires her. “Having a kind, caring attitude,” Ms. Tharp says, “helps you block out all the negative things that exist in the world. My goal is to do at least three kind things for people each day. Doing that has made me a happier person.” Ms. Tharp believes that a student’s character is very important. “Who you are now, is who you are going to be when you grow up. Remember to treat people with kindness, and you will be more likely to be successful in the future.”

The students and staff of Garcia Middle School would like to thank Ms. Tharp for all that she does and congratulate her on her engagement.