•  Galm Dolphins have community strength. We have had the pleasure of watching so many of our students grow from kindergartners to fifth grade graduates. You truly get to feel that you were part of the village that helped raise these children.
  • Everyone is in it to help students succeed, not just the teachers: custodians, admin, office staff, instructional assistants, specialists, etc.
  • Attitude - Everyone has a great attitude and can be seen smiling as they walk down the hallways.
  • Our custodians give SO much to their job, and to being helpful to teachers when we need extra assistance. They also interact with our kiddos in a positive manner!!
  • You can walk down any hallway and get stopped with a heartwarming story of one of our kiddos. That's how awesome our students are and how much we want everyone to know it.
  • Seeing a child's discovery of a new concept or medium is exciting. It's almost like you can see the light bulb going off above their heads.
  • We belong to the community we serve.
  •  I love my Galm Dolphin students because they remind me every day how much I love teaching!!
  • The staff works very hard to keep the focus-- what is best for the children.
  • The kids have so many great creative ideas.
  •  I love my Galm Dolphins because it feels like family here!
  •  We care about the whole child. It's not just about academics.