Facility Rentals

Northside Independent School District makes school facilities available for use by non-profit community groups/organizations with first priority always given to the education of students.

Northside ISD and the taxpayers of this district have huge investments in the schools with the purpose of providing appropriate, attractive, functional, and safe facilities for students. All decisions in the use of the facilities are made with this in mind. Being a taxpayer or applying for facility use do not automatically guarantee the right to use a school. A process must be followed for consideration.

General Requirements

A responsible representative of a group or organization desiring to use a school facility shall submit a Request for Community Use of District Facilities Form to the Business and Financial Services Department at least two weeks prior to the desired date.

The items listed below are required for a contract approval for scheduling non-school events in Northside ISD facilities.

  • A completed Request for Community Use of District Facilities Form
  • A copy of the organization's insurance policy in the name of the organization listing Northside ISD as additionally insured and/or the certificate holder


A copy of the Organization's Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Insurance Policies must be submitted to NISD at the time the contract is signed, and NISD shall have the right to approve or disapprove same.

Organization's right to use the Facility is expressly subject to NISD's approval of Organization's insurance policies including the carrier and the amount of coverage.

At a minimum, organization must carry bodily injury liability insurance in the amount of $300,000 per accident, and property damage insurance in the amount of $100,000 per occurrence.

The insurance policies shall name NISD as an additional insured; shall provide that any losses shall be payable notwithstanding any act or negligence of NISD or any other person; shall provide that the insurer shall have no right of subrogation against NISD; and shall be reasonably satisfactory to NISD in all other respects. 

Request for Community Use of District Facilities form

The links to the right allow you to fill out a Request for Community Use of District Facilities form either online, or by paper then printing and submitting it to the office of Business and Financial Services via U.S. mail correspondence, email, facsimile correspondence or in person. In order to view the PDF version of the form, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader loaded on your computer.


Rental Fees: Approved use of school facilities must be paid for at least one week in advance. Rates are subject to revision at any time. Fees shall be sufficient to recover all real costs to the District for the use of the facility. Call the Business and Financial Services Department at 397-8533 for the most current rate schedule.

Custodial Fees: When an activity requires custodial assistance beyond that normally available at the activity, the user organization shall arrange for such assistance with the administrator in charge of the facility. Custodians shall be paid at their overtime rate, plus mileage at the standard District rate when applicable.

NISD Police: If police are required, police officers may be scheduled through the office of the NISD Police Chief at their overtime rate plus mileage, when applicable. Only NISD Police Department may be contracted to work in NISD facilities.

General Guidelines

Northside I.S.D. School Board recognizes its stewardship to the community for the care and maintenance of all school properties and for ensuring that they best serve the primary purpose for which they are dedicated. To fulfill that responsibility, the Board adopts the following guidelines for community use of school facilities.

  • The Board reserves the right to approve or deny requests for use of school facilities, to restrict the types of activities that may be conducted and the times at which they may be held, and to provide administrative procedures for consideration of such requests.
  • School facilities may not be used for programs or activities that interfere more than incidentally with the instructional program; are deemed likely to damage school grounds, facilities, or equipment; are for the purpose of promoting any private, profit-making enterprise; or that violate community standards of decency.
  • NISD enforces State laws and Board policies prohibiting the possession and use of alcohol and other controlled substances, tobacco, and weapons by any group using school facilities.
  • Prohibited activities: Gambling, profane or offensive language, and fighting or any such disruptive behavior.
  • Organizations using school facilities are responsible for any and all damage that occur to buildings or equipment while said organization has use of the facility.
  • Membership of youth-oriented groups must be made up of at least 80% Northside ISD residents. Some exceptions may be made for official business partners of Northside ISD. See NISD Partnerships Website
  • Athletic facilities are available only to youth-oriented groups.
  • Facilities are not available to individuals.
  • In unusual circumstances when other suitable facilities are not available, businesses may request the use of school facilities for student recitals or performances, employee training activities, and similar events, but not for commercial, profit-making activities.