I am Engineering Services Proud


Mission Statement: To provide professional engineering project management services for Northside ISD infrastructure projects and serve to bring in house professional expertise to the design for facilities and Operations division.

  • Because we bring in house professional engineering services and value to the district at large
  • Because we provide professional customer service
  • Because we maintain a professional engineering image for NISD
  • Because we embody the concept of teamwork
  • Because we take on and meet project management challenges and goals
  • Because we learn and stay up to date on new technology and code requ​ir​ements
  • Because our department has a positive effect on the facilities and infrastructure that are being built for the district
  • Because we are problem solvers
  • Because we are results oriented
  • Because we are proud to deliver a transparent service to the district
  • Because we provide an excellent end product
  • Because we prepare for facilities development through long range planning
  • Because we are proactive