Energy Management

Northside ISD has a long history of energy conservation that started in the early 1990’s and continues today. As electricity and water become more expensive over time, every kilowatt and gallon saved is an investment in the future of the District’s students.

Energy conservation doesn't just save money, the classroom provides an opportunity to teach life lessons, whether about maintaining reasonable temperatures or just turning off equipment when finished.

Our Mission is to reduce energy and water use throughout the District while helping maintain an environment conducive to learning. Some of the ways we accomplish this mission are:

  • participating in CPS Energy’s Automated Demand Response Program, a voluntary program where the District receives financial incentives to reduce electricity demand during peak periods to help maintain the stability of the electric grid.
  • submiting CPS Energy rebate incentive applications to assist with capital investment programs
  • monthly reviewing utility bills for accuracy and issues. For example, changes in water bills help identify leaks so maintenance can repair it (and energy management can request a partial credit for the repair)
  • in accordance with Board Policy CL (Local), auditing campuses annually to verify compliance and validate mechanical operations
  • Registering several schools as Eco-Schools with the National Wildlife Foundation


Energy Management Coordinator:
Ryan Ussery, EMIT, ATEM
Energy Management Secretary:
Margaret Saavedra
Energy Management Scheduler:
Tracy Avery
Energy Management Supervisor:
Tony Yoder