Bexar County Justice Center’s Relate Right SA Offers Important Information to Excel Students

On Wednesday, November 6, the Bexar County Justice Center’s Relate Right SA Program offered students at Northside’s Excel Academy a session on bullying.  Students were given information on how to recognize a bully, how to recognize a victim, the potential consequences for bullying, and the most effective ways to respond to bullying.

Future presentations to be offered by the Relate Right SA Program will include cultivating and keeping healthy relationships, how to be a good friend, recognizing and breaking free from unhealthy friendships, and how to establish effective boundaries.

Students will also have the opportunity to learn about teen dating violence—red flags to potentially abusive relationships, and resources for escaping an abusive relationship.

Another important topic, self-esteem, will be discussed through the Relate Right SA Program, along with a presentation on authority, why it is critical, and the rewards of successfully dealing with authority