Welcome to the Place Where You Will Excel!

Welcome back to school! On August 15th at the Paul Taylor Field House, approximately 60 Excel Academy students walked the stage at the Northside ISD Summer Graduation Ceremony. Excel graduates are offered two opportunities to walk the stage, one in the winter and one in the summer. I felt so proud of each student when I shook their hand as their families and friends cheered them on. A total of 282 students graduated from Excel Academy during this past school year.  Congratulations again to all of the students and the staff!

The 2013-14 school year has just started and I am anxious to begin my journey with you towards this year’s graduation ceremonies. Our enrollment increased last year and we expect it to continue to do so in the next few weeks and as the school year goes by. It is critical that each of you attend school everyday, avoid absences, and continue your journey towards graduation. Remember, if you have five unexcused absences you will be withdrawn. If you want to return, we may have to turn you away because there may not be room for you. The best thing for you to do is to prevent being withdrawn in the first place. You are already here, so just get it done now.

Each of you has the capacity to earn your credits quickly and to participate in our next graduation ceremony. Will you and your families be at the next graduation ceremony in February 2014? Our school motto says it all, “Continuing the Excellence in Your High School Education”. You have accomplished most of your high school requirements before you even enrolled here at Excel. Every staff member works diligently and is prepared to support your efforts in achieving your educational goals but you must also do your part all the way. You will hear the faculty, staff, and I stress how important it is to be here daily as you chip away at the work you need to do. Make this last year of school one of your very best ever as we all look forward to your graduation!