5th Grade Photos

Evers 5th Grade Parents, We Need Your Support!

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

We are requesting any pictures that you may have of your child from their elementary
years. These pictures can be from events at Evers, by themselves, with teachers or
friends! Pictures can be emailed to Mrs. Edins at carolyn.edins@nisd.net (these photos
will be compiled into a slideshow to be viewed prior to the promotion ceremony).
We are also asking if you would like to contribute copies of these photos that are the
following dimensions 5×7, 4x6, and/or 3×5. They will be part of a decorative backdrop
for the reception.

***Please bring in a copy (do not send in the originals). A box has been placed in the
office so that photos can be dropped off.

Thank you for your support!
Evers 5th Grade Teachers