Dual Language Registration, Assessments and Procedures

Esparza Kindergarten Dual Language Registration / Assessment / Procedures

*DL Parent Questions should be referred to the LST’s and/or the Principal

*DL Parent Observations/visits should be referred to Parent Liaison

*PK and incoming non-LEP Kinder Students should come in to the front office during Kinder Round-up to sign-up.  LEP Students: Visiting during K-Round up is optional for incoming LEP students, as they are already considered for the program.


Sign-up Sheets  

Non-LEP Students:  There will be two sign-up sheets/lists for all Non-LEP students in the office starting the first day of Kinder Round-Up.  One list is for general information including time stamped info.  The other is the sign-up for DL testing. 


**Non-LEP PK students attending school at Esparza will be recommended by the teacher based on

academic performance and will receive a recommendation letter, however anyone can sign up for the

assessment regardless of recommendation.**


LEP Students: LEP students do not have to sign-up on either of these lists as they will automatically be considered for the program.  Parents with a preference of DL or Transitional should let the attendance secretary know at the time of registration (the attendance secretary will keep an ongoing time stamped list of LEP students interested in the DL program).  Otherwise the program choice (Transitional or Dual Language) will be the Entrance Committee’s (Principal, LST, Parent Liaison, DL Teacher Assessors) decision pending BBL Assessment scores and District Bilingual assessment scores.




LEP and NON-LEP Students from outside the Esparza area within the Northside District will need to register with their home school.  Pending qualification, those records will be transferred.