I am Driggers Proud

...because we have a wonderful namesake, Mrs. Rita Kay Driggers, who regularly reads to our students and shares her passion and love of learning with our students and staff.

...because we have two thirds of our teachers with 10+ years of experience in teaching.  More than half of our teachers have their Master's Degrees!

...because we are a Bilingual and AVID school.

...because we have been in the top 25% for closing performance gaps 2 years in a row.

...because we are a NEF grant winning school.

...because we were awarded by community sponsorship the "Teaching Garden" award.

...because we have great after school programs (Art Club, Solar Cars, Robotics, Violins).

...because we are a Professional Learning Community.

...because we use technology to enhance learning for students.

...because of the smiling faces, supportive staff, and caring relationships all year long.

...because of the outstanding relationships we have built between our students, staff, administration, and the community.

...because of the opportunities to grow professionally with great staff development sessions.

...because we get the chance to impact the lives of our students and faculty each and every day.

...because I am part of a team that makes a difference every day. 

...because of the Driggers community and the high parental involvement. 

...because our Driggers Student Council is Nationally ranked.

...because our Principal is an HEB Excellence in Education finalist

...because our student council was awarded the ASCA Student Council Excellence Award. 

...because we had a 97% Safety Audit

...because we had a 100% Cafeteria Audit