Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

Parents, please read the attached procedures for picking up and dropping off your children at Driggers. Thank you!

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Rita Kay Driggers Elementary

Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures



1.)    Students are to be dropped off at the front lane of the school. Students may not be let out of the car for safety reasons until your car has reached the side walk. Use the right door of the vehicle to exit onto the side walk. Safety patrols will be available to assist.

2.)    For safety reasons, NO child may be dropped off at the parking lot.

Should you choose to use the back parking lot, please keep the following in mind:

1.)    You will be required to park in the parking lot and escort your child inside the building. Staff members are not available to direct traffic and escort your child in at the back parking lot due to bus unloading.

2.)    You may NOT park or drive through the bus lane. No exceptions. It is a bus lane ONLY.

3.)    Please do not pass the orange cones if they are out when you arrive.

4.)    Staff members are off duty beginning at 7:35am and students and parents will NOT have access to the back of the building after that time. All back doors will be locked at 7:45 am. You will then need to drop off at the front.

When arriving in the morning, PreK-K will report to the cafeteria and 1st-5th will report to the gym. Students should sit quietly, read and wait for their teachers to pick them up at 7:35 am. If students are eating breakfast, they will remain in the cafeteria (PreK-K) or walk to the gym.

SCHOOL OPENS: Our doors open for our students at 7:00 am. For students’ safety, please do not drop off your children any earlier than this time. We do NOT have an adult supervision in place until 7:00am.

PARENT DROP OFF: If you wish to walk your child into the building in the morning, you will use the following procedures:

·         At 7:35 am, when the teachers arrive to pick up their class, we are asking that you exit the building through the front of the school. If by 7:45 am, you are inside the building, you will need to go to the office and go through the Raptor system to have your driver’s license scanned to remain on campus.

·         If you arrive after 7:45 am with your child , you are required to report to the office and scan your driver’s license through the Raptor System to receive a visitor’s badge. Your child will be marked tardy starting at 7:46 am. All tardies 8:00am or after, need to go through the office for a tardy slip.

·         We love our parent volunteers. We are asking that you arrive after 8:00 am to help out. From 7:35-8:00 am each morning, teachers are welcoming students, completing morning routines and getting students ready for announcements. It is a very busy time and teachers will not be available to talk with parents. You are more than welcome to sign in as a volunteer after this time.

BUS RIDERS: If students ride the bus to school, they will be dropped off in the back loop by the cafeteria. They will proceed to their designated area via the cafeteria. Staff members outside and in the cafeteria will help direct students to the correct location after they exit the bus.

IMPORTANT: For students that ride bus #88, there will be (2) AM pick up time frames (6:38 am-6:43 am and 7:10am-7:23am) and (2) PM drop off time frames (3:05pm-3:13pm and 3:27pm-3:40pm). For specific times and locations, please contact your child’s teacher or office.

TARDY POLICY: If you arrive at 8:00am, please walk your child into the building to get a tardy slip.  


- PreK-5th grade “parent pick up” students will wait at the front of the school in their designated area with a teacher.

- Please keep the car line moving and pull all the way up behind the car in front of you in line.

- Should you choose to park and pick up your child, please DO NOT take them without informing the teacher on duty.

- All bus riders will load in the back parking lot.

- Please DO NOT pick up your child at the bus loop. If you need to pick them up and they are on a bus, please make your way to the office. Office staff will call a staff member on duty and remove your child from the bus to be sent to the office for pick up. ID will need to be presented.

- Last call for changes on how your child is going home is 2:30 pm. If changes are after that time, it is NOT a guaranteed that the teacher/staff member will receive the message in time.

STUDENT PICK-UP (SIGNS): You will receive a colored car tag. This is for parents who are picking up students. Please write your child’s name on this tag and display it in your car window everyday for pick-up. If you are picking up more than one child (to include carpools), use the color tag for the youngest child and include the names for all students. As we see these signs in the windows, we will get your children ready for you. ALL students will need to be picked up by 3:00 pm.



- LIGHT RAIN: We feel it is best to have as little change as possible to what we do each afternoon. Since all of our students are under canopies for dismissal, we will operate with “business as usual”, with no changes in how we move our lines and help our children into cars. We know though that we will have more cars in the line. So please be patient as the lines may move a little slower during this process.

- HEAVY RAIN: If it is raining heavily and winds are strong, we will keep students inside the building. As you move through the car line, we will call for your child from the building. You do not need to get out of your car for pick-up on these days. All students will be waiting in the front foyer, A, B and C hallways until called.


If your child’s pick-up arrangements change, please send a note to the teacher no later than 2:15 pm. If for some reason a note is not sent to the teacher and you need to call the office to change pick-up arrangements, again, please call the office no later than 2:15 pm. Since the safety of our students is a high priority, we will not be able to make changes if we only hear about it from the child.

In regards to early pick-up, you must arrive at the school office prior to 2:30 pm in order to check out your child early from school. Please remember to bring your valid ID to the office.

Thank you for helping us with school procedures!