Jump Rope 4 Heart a Success!

Jump Rope for HeartDriggers raised more than it ever has before! We collected $3,966.69 for the American Heart Association.

We raised $1,000 more than last year. The staff really stepped up to the plate. Mrs Driggers and Driggers teachers donated $535 combined!

The winning classes for each grade level are as follows!

  • Kinder -  Garza $229.65
  • 1st     -   Ramon $35
  • 2nd    -   Rosada $329.66
  • 3rd     -   Pastrano 209.40
  • 4th     -  Jones 640.00   4th graders overall did an awesome job, raising over $1000.
  • 5th     -  Ramirez $ 401.39
3rd-5th grade winning classes earned an extra morning of free PE time
A BIG thank you from Coach O'Boyle and the American Heart Association to all those who contributed and collected donations for this great cause!