Annual Themes

Every year, Northside ISD selects a theme and uses it to inspire students and staff. A poster representing the theme hangs in all classrooms and throughout NISD facilities.

2017-2018: Northside Inspired

2016-2017: Northside Strong

2015-2016: I am Northside Proud


2014-2015: In Northside It's Personal


2013-2014: Northside Connected


2012-2013: Spirit of Northside


2011-2012: Northside Together

2011-12 Northside Together


2010-2011: Positively Northside

20010-11 Positively Northside


2009-2010: Northside: We Believe

2008-09 Northside: We Believe


2008-2009: Deep in the Heart of Northside

2007-08 Deep In the Heart of Northside


2007-2008: We Are Northside

2007-08 We Are Northside


2006-2007: Northside Rocks

2006-07 Northside Rocks