The 1990s

NEF LogoIn 1994, Northside adopted a strategic plan under Superintendent Dr. Agustin Orci, who was chosen to lead the District when Jack Jordan retired in 1993. The Northside Strategic Plan was a collaborative effort, involving the input of parents, students, teacher, employees and community members. The Northside Education Foundation was created as part of the Strategic Plan. The NEF is a non-profit foundation which generates and disburses funds and other resources to provide enrichment to Northside students. Dr. Orci resigned in 1995 to enter corporate America.

In 1995, veteran educator Ed Rawlinson was named Northside Superintendent. Under his leadership, the District grew to over 60,000 students during the 1990s, yet providing a quality education remained the focus. Also in 1995, NISD voters approved a $98 million bond issue: $94 million for school construction, and for the first time, $4 million for technology. In 1998, as a result of exploding enrollment growth, Northside voters approved more school construction bonds: this time $198 million for construction and $26 million for technology. Voters also approved raising the tax cap to $1.50, the maximum allowed by the state.

In 1996, Mary Hull Elementary became the first Northside elementary school to earn National Blue Ribbon Status. Other schools followed, and in 2000 Northside became a Texas Recognized District, the largest Recognized District in Texas. Rawlinson led the development of Communications Arts High School as well as two successful bond issues: $224 million in 1998, and $495 million in 2001.