Yearbook FAQs

 When do we get our yearbooks?

Yearbooks are distributed on Prep Day in August.

Why do we have to wait until Prep Day to get our yearbooks, instead of at the end of the school year?

We do "fall delivery" so we can include in our yearbook those essential events which occur at the end of the year (Prom, Banquet, Mentorship, Senior Banquet, and so on).

I can't pick up my yearbook on Prep Day. How do I get it?

Students returning to CommArts: you will get your yearbook through your Communications class during the first week of school.

Students who graduated and need to pick up a yearbook that is already paid for: if you can't come to Prep Day on Monday, August 13, stop by the main office at CommArts AFTER Prep Day; you can also have someone else pick up your yearbook, but they must sign for it.

Students who have moved or otherwise can't come to ComArts: if you would like to have your Yearbook mailed to you, please send us a large (at least 9" x 12") self-addressed envelope with either $8.00 postage already affixed, or a separate check for $8.00 (payable to "CAHS") to cover the cost of postage. Mail the envelope and postage to:

Communications Arts High School
ATTN: Yearbook Advisor
11600 Culebra Road
San Antonio, TX 78253

Can I still buy a yearbook from a previous year?

Definitely! We have "Classic" Yearbooks available from past years at special prices. Download the order form HERE or contact the yearbook adviser via email at if you would like more information.

When are school pictures taken?

9th, 10th and 11th graders have their school pictures taken on Prep Day. Pictures will be distributed during September to students who purchased a package. The MAKEUP and RETAKE day for students in 9th, 10th and 11th grades will be in October. Students who wish to have their school picture retaken MUST bring their original picture package and return it to the photographer.

Senior pictures  are taken at CommArts in September, or students can make an appointment to have their picture taken at the Prestige Studios during the summer or fall. To do this, call (210) 691-1284, or go to to make an appointment online.The deadline for having senior pictures taken for the yearbook is December 1. Please do not wait until Thanksgiving break to call for an appointment! They will be all booked up by then.

Seniors who have already had their senior picture taken: Upon receipt of your proofs, please call 1-800-736-4775 or go online to select your personal choice for your yearbook picture.

The campus MAKEUP/RETAKE day for Senior Pictures will be in November. However, this date is recommended for students who are ONLY having their free yearbook picture taken, NOT for students who wish to take more poses for purchase. It is advisable to contact Prestige to make an appointment at their studio if you wish to take more than just the yearbook picture.

The deadline for having senior pictures taken for the yearbook is December 1. Please do not wait until Thanksgiving break to call for an appointment! They will already be booked up by then!