Student Clubs & Organizations

At Communications Arts there are all kinds of organizations for all kinds of people:

CAHSMETOLOGY CLUB: embraces our natural beauty in ways that boost confidence and have a fun time by creating a supportive, welcoming group to share tips, tricks, and advice in all things beauty. Sponsor: Jaime Frias

CLASS OFFICERS: raise money for events such as graduation and prom along with coordinate activities for their class and school.

ENVIRONMENT CLUB: The Environment Club promotes recycling and being Earth friendly.  We host two school events:  Earth Day and GrassRoots. Earth Day is celebrated at lunch with activities that include a watermelon eating contest and a recycled fashion show. GrassRoots is an evening of acoustic-style music, poetry, and sometimes comedy in a coffee-house atmosphere...students MC and entertain at the event.  Sponsors: Sandy McGuffin and Josh Polinard

FASHION CLUB: serves as a creative outlet for students interested in the competitive industry. Sponsor: Lisa Vandervelden

FILM CLUB: Meets weekly to discuss films and share a love of cinema. Sponsor: Ethan Calk

GIRL UP –– U.N. CLUB: raises money and awareness for women’s empowerment in education, health, and safety. Sponsor: TBA

HELPING HANDS: focuses on helping those in both our school and community. Sponsor: Jaime Frias

NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY:  students are invited to join in their junior or senior year if they have the required 90 GPA. Once invited, students must apply and prove that they possess the characteristics of the NHS pillars: service, leadership, academics and character. Accepted members perform service in and out of school, and maintain high academic and character standards throughout their membership. Sponsors: Shellie Malik and Heidi Whitus   [access the National Honor Society website]

PRIDE: provides a safe space for students to meet and have a dialogue about minority identity, as well as encouraging social equality. Sponsors: Sam Harris and Robert Treviño

PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB: students who share a passion for photography meet to discuss techniques and creative processes. Sponsor: Ethan Calk

SCIENCE BOWL: We focus on the Science Bowl Competition: an academic team competition. The winner of the regional event goes to Washington DC. Sponsor: Karen Betchel

SEMICOLON (CREATIVE WRITING CLUB): Semicolon Club teaches poetry techniques and tips, exposes students to prose/poetry in a comfortable, sharing environment. Sponsor: Josh Polinard

SPANISH CLUB: studies the culture, language, and customs of all Spanish speaking countries. Sponsor: Nora Mangold

SPANISH NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: SNHS is an organization that recognizes students for their accomplishments in the Spanish language. Students must (1) have an A average in Spanish for 3 consecutive semesters and (2) must have completed one year of high school in order to qualify to be inducted into SNHS.  Members can become actively involved to promote the Spanish language and its culture in our school.  Sponsors: Cynthia Driggers and Nora Mangold

STUDENT COUNCIL: performs the customary functions of a student government. They organize and participate in many volunteer programs and put together the annual ComArts Banquet at the end of the year. They also put on a yearly event called Turkey Fest. Sponsors: Quincy Scott and Ashley Beach

UIL ACADEMICS: Literary Criticism, Ready Writing, and Spelling and Vocabulary are three events that you may compete in while at CAHS. Sponsor: Julie Davern