because we are a family.


because I get to work with awesome students and great colleagues every day!


because students and faculty teach and learn from one another.


because the faculty and staff genuinely care about the success of our students.


because our students continue to climb the mountain to and THROUGH college!


because I have the privilege of teaching the leaders of tomorrow the skills they will need for the future, today and every day.


that all of our freshmen are taking an AP class, which hopefully will lay a solid foundation for their future courses.


because I love coming to work every day.


because my students teach me new things every day.


because the teachers are experts in their content area and innovative in their approaches with students.


because our students have been awarded 1st or 2nd place in the Teens in the Drivers’ Seat PSA competition every year since its inception in 2008.


because our students have advanced to the national level of History Fair for the past five years.


because we aim at helping students learn how to balance a healthy personal, academic and social life.


because our faculty is made up of lifelong learners--55% have a master’s degree.


because we work together as a team to help our students be successful.