How to Apply

View the 2019 Communications Arts Brochure

The application and admission process for Communications Arts High School occurs each school year, from November through January (with applications due in January), for enrollment in the following August.
Admission is available only through this process.

Application forms available through your middle school counselor, or can be downloaded here:

  • Admission is based on the following criteria:
  • commitment to develop exceptional skills in written, oral, and visual communications;

  • satisfactory attendance;

  • satisfactory conduct (citizenship marks on report cards and referrals to the Vice Principal’s Office are considered);

  • satisfactory standardized test scores;

  • and at least a “C” average in middle school.

Please note that copies of middle school discipline records will be reviewed by Communications Arts High School administrators. Students who meet the criteria will be admitted to the lottery pool. Once a lottery pool has been established from the applications that meet the initial criteria, the lottery will be conducted. Selections from the qualified applicants are random. Students included in the lottery pool but not selected in the initial lottery will remain in the pool that will be used to fill additional spots as openings occur.


Students will be notified of their tentative acceptance by a letter that will be mailed home. This acceptance is TENTATIVE until CAHS reviews the applicant’s FINAL REPORT CARD, 8th GRADE STANDARDIZED TEST SCORES, and CITIZENSHIP REPORTS. If any of these reports is unsatisfactory, the applicant will not be admitted to Communications Arts.