Typical Schedules




Pre-AP English I

Pre-AP English II

AP English III and/or
ENG 1301/1302 DC
AP English IV and/or
ENG 2322/2323 DC

Algebra I or
Pre-AP Algebra I

Geometry or
Pre-AP Geometry

Algebra II or
Pre-AP Algebra II
Advanced Math Course

Pre-AP Biology

Pre-AP Chemistry

Physics I or
AP Physics I
Advanced Science

AP Human

AP World History

AP US History and/or
HIS 1301/1302 DC
AP Governement and
AP Economics

Health and
Media Criticism

Digital Media or
IMED 1401 DC

Video Technology H Independent Study
Mentorship H

Spanish I

Pre-AP Spanish II

Pre-AP Spanish III or
SPAN 2311/2312 DC
Fine Arts Course



Elective Elective

The Four-Year Plan is subject to change depending on the student’s credits earned and extracurricular activities.
College credit opportunities include both dual credit and passing scores on AP exams.
Students must meet the TSI assessment requirements identified by Alamo Colleges prior to enrollment in dual credit courses.
Pre-AP = Pre-Advanced Placement       AP = Advanced Placement
H = Honors            DC = Dual Credit (both high school and college credit)