AP Exam Information


DO BRING: two sharpened #2 pencils, two blue or black pens, calculator or ruler if test allows
DO NOT BRING: phones, electronice devices, Smart watches, dictionaries, highlighters

BE ON TIME FOR YOUR TESTS. Report to your testing room by 7:30 am for morning tests, by 11:30 am for afternoon tests.

Please do not schedule doctor's appointments during your tests; you are not allowed to leave your testing room until all exams are finished and collected.


1) The only students who will be allowed in the building before school are the AP testers. All others will wait outside until administration brings them in.
2) Students will enter the building in the morning ONLY through the doors by Mrs. Barton's lab, as we will be testing in the lecture hall each day.
3) During the school day, certain staircases will be blocked and not used due to testing. Respect the signs that are placed in the halls.
4)  The halls need to be quiet during passing periods due to testing.
5) Students will not have access to their lockers from May 2nd through 13th until testing is complete. (On some days, testing will end mid-day, but on others, testing will run throughout the entire school day so students should assume they will not be able to use them.)