Attendance Information


Students are allowed two college visit days which count as excused absences per school year. In order for these days to count as excused college visits, students must:
  1. Obtain a college visit form from the attendance secretary PRIOR to their college visit. This form needs to be completed (including all teacher and parent signatures) and returned to the office 3 days prior to the college visit. A CAHS administrator must approve the visit.
  2. While at the college the student must obtain a letter, on the college's letterhead and signed by a college official, verifying:
    • that the student was in fact at the college,
    • the date of the visit, and
    • the activities done by the student while there.
  3. Upon return to school, the student must turn in the letter from the college to the attendance secretary in order to receive an "excused college visit" for the day/s they were absent.


Whenever a student arrives at school after school has started, they must stop at the office for a pink slip to admit them to their class.


All notes should be turned in to the attendance secretary on the day the student returns to school. (Students have a maximum of three days to turn notes in to the office.)

Attendance FAQ (Adobe .pdf file)