Special Education News

During autism awareness month, the special education teachers and staff would like to remind you of the services here at Colonies. Special education students can range from age 3 to 5th grade who qualify with a disability and have an education need.

Children who are provided special education services are provided these services in the least restrictive environment. This includes collaborative classrooms where the special education and general education teacher collaborate to teach general and special education students together. The advantage of this classroom is that there are two teachers as well-a general and a special education teacher.

Some students are also receiving specialized instruction that focuses on the specific areas of need with a smaller teacher to student ratio.  These students also participate with their peers as their individual education plan specifies.

Speech therapy is also provided for students based on their individual needs. 

We currently have six special education teachers, two speech therapists, a speech intern, a licensed school psychologist, and instructional assistants to meet the needs of our school. If you have any questions, regarding special education, please don’t hesitate to contact us.