Red Ribbon Week at Colonies North

Next week, Colonies North Elementary will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week. National Red Ribbon Week 2013 honors the 26th anniversary of the ultimate sacrifice made by U.S. Drug Enforcement Special Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena. In 1985, he was killed in the line of duty while fighting illegal drug trafficking. In honor of “Kiki” and to uphold the tradition of celebrating Red Ribbon Week, the following activities are planned with conjunction with the Six Pillars of Character.

  • Monday: Friends don’t let friends bully or do drugs: Dress alike with a friend or show you are “red”y to say NO to drugs and wear RED to school!
  • Tuesday: Show you are ready to put a cap on drugs - Wear a cap to school! 
  • Wednesday: “Follow Your Dreams” and be drug free - Wear your pajamas and slippers to school. (Please make sure your pajamas are appropriate for school and bring tennis shoes if it is a P.E. day)
  • Thursday: Your future is bright, NO drugs in sight - Wear sunglasses to school to prepare for your bright future.
  • Friday:  Show your COUGAR PRIDE and to tell everyone you are proud to go to a school that takes a stand against drugs! - Wear your Colonies North t-shirt or red and blue clothes!

We look forward to seeing our Cougars participate and celebrate the importance of this week.