Mrs. Melissa Horton, RN
School Nurse
Phone: 397-1709


Nurse and Wellness Information

•Did you know Health Services has a wonderful website for you to access? Please visit the Health Services website.
•You will find very good resources for student health concerns as well as medication and asthma forms.
•Remember, your child will need to be picked up from school if ill with a temperature of 100 or higher. We ask that children be kept home from school until free of fever, without medication, for 24 hours.
•Please remember to send a written excuse when your child returns to school after any absence.
•Remember to keep the office updated with any phone number changes, so we can reach you in the event of illness or emergency.

Medication Policy

For the protection of all students, we have some very strict rules regarding medication to be given at school.

  • Antibiotics and other short term medication may be administered at school upon written request from parent or guardian. Medication must be brought to school in the original prescription labeled bottle.
  • Long term medications may be given only if a special medication form is completed by the attending physician and the medication is brought in the properly labeled prescription bottle. Special medication forms may be obtained in the nurse's office.
  • All medications must be in correct prescription bottles, not in an envelope or piece of paper or Ziplock bag.
  • Aspirin or non-prescription drugs are not dispensed at school.
  • All medication must be taken directly to the nurse's office. There will be no medications kept in the classroom nor may the child give himself/herself medication.