Your child needs to be at school every day, on time, so he/she can learn. State law says that students who have excessive absences may be retained. Parents may be subject to legal action. Excessive tardies count as partial absences and may result in legal action by a Northside Attendance Officer. When a child is absent from school, the parent or guardian should send a note to school explaining the reason for the child's absence upon the child's return to school. All notes must include the date of the note, child's name, the date(s) of absence or tardy, the specific reason for the absence and the parent's signature. An absence will not be excused if a note is not sent. If your child has an early doctor appointment, no tardy or absence will be counted IF the child comes with a doctor's excuse and is present part of the day. We ask that you call the office (210) 397-1700 in the morning if your child will not be attending school that day. If you need to call and request homework, please call in the morning so that your child's teacher will have time to get assignments together. Please contact Ms. Casey Redding, Attendance Secretary, at (210) 397-1700 or e-mail if you have any questions or concerns.