School Songs/Mascot/Colors

School Alma Mater
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We Pledge to thee our Loyalty,
Forever, Tom Clark High.
And to your name we'll gladly be
The guardians of your pride.
The foundation of our future
Is formed in your halls.
And will remain inside of us
Forever, Tom Clark High.

By Monica Fernandez and Alison Boggs with the help of Caroline Hennings, Lori Efron, Ann McFarland, Lori Thompson and Alan Logan

School Fight Song
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Hail all you Cougars
Fight with all your might.
Honor, strength, and courage
For the silver, black and white.
Fight on to victory
Let your banners fly.
You are the best and brightest,
Number One Forever
Tom Clark High.
(Optional Chant)
Onward, upward, win again
Onward, upward, win again
Go and win
Go and win
Go and win, you Cougars
(Repeat first stanza)