Marjan Switzer - Head Counselor

Anne Lambert, A - Ch

Javier Proa, Ci - Gom

Deborah Hernandez, Gon - Li

Kristen Guerra, Lj - Pa

Lorna Carr, Pb - Se

Nivia O'Malley, Sf - Z

Counseling Information/Events


Yvonne Martinez - GO Center

Kathy Ferguson - RTI Coordinator & Graduation Coach

Roxanne Brown - GT Coordinator


**Individual Parent Conferences can be scheduled by contacting the teacher.
**Parent Conferences with 2 or more teachers need to be scheduled by calling the Principal's Secretary at 397-5150 or via email at


Who do I contact for...?

504--Jaime Heye or Robert Martinez

Attendance--Jaime Heye

Homebound--Robert Martinez or Jaime Heye