Students Compete for Spot in SkillsUSA State Competition

Four students, pictured posing on their project, compete in Teamworks. 

CCA Students compete in Teamworks.  Two Carpenters, one plumber and one electrician. 

One of our labs set up for individual electrical competition with many stations

 Individual electrical competition.  Students from many area schools compete.

Individual masonry stations set up ready for students to begin competition 

Masonry area ready for competition

 CCA student lays cinder block with brick mortar 

CCA students competes in Masonry. 

Students compete in individual plumbing in their stations 

Individual plumbing competition. 

Engineering students in the field compete in land surveying  

Land Surveying competitors. 

Two Engineering students in the field compete in land surveying

Members of Teamworks get busy on their project 

Teamworks competition under way. 

Student works on an air handler as a judge watches

Student competes in HVAC

Student cuts copper line in front of a judge for competition

Cutting copper for HVAC

Five students at their work stations ready to begin sheet metal competition

Five students compete in sheet metal. 

Two students working on sheet metal in competition

Sheet metal competition.