A Visit from U.S. Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta

NISD Superintendent addresses visitors in the large classroom. Dr. Woods addresses the Secretary, the NISD board members, staff and business partners during the visit. 


Secretary Acosta poses with staff and students outside the Tailgater Tiny Home.

Staff pose outside the Tailgater tiny home with Secretary Acosta     Students pose outside the Tailgater tiny home with Secretary Acosta


The Secretary visits the Geometry in Construction classroom and talks with instructor and student Secretary Acosta visited with our Geometry in Construction classroom.  This class is unique to CCA! 


Secretary Acosta visits two engineering students in their classroom and views a current project A quick stop with the Engineering students. 


Architecture students shows examples of house drawings to Secretary Acosta  A student gives an explanation of how our students develop plans in the Architecture Lab. 


The Secretary looks at an electrical simulation with students looking on  Electrical students were working in the lab as they met with the Secretary. 


The Secretary greets several electrical students in their lab.