Mock Interview Sign-up Link


Each year we solicit help from business partners, community members and NISD staff to help with our Mock Interview initiative.  It takes about 60 volunteers to pull it off.  Sign up link is below. 

PURPOSE:  To prepare students for industry.  The initiative is part of helping students with soft skills to include interviewing.  It also gives potential employers an opportunity to interview and hire kids.

WHO IS INTERVIEWED:  All seniors are required to be interviewed.

FORMAT:  Students will be required to meet with an interview panel made up of 3 interviewers and 1 recorder.  Students will be given feedback from the interview panel on how they did.  

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES:  We need help on interview panels and at the registration table.  We need  Full Day, Half Day AM or Half Day PM volunteers (select option on signup form).

LOCATION:  Construction Careers Academy, 9411 Military Dr. W., San Antonio, TX 7821

STAGING AREA:  Room D200, CCA Building

WHEN:  Tuesday, April 23, 2019

ARRIVAL TIMES:  Full Day & Half Day AM (arrive at 8:15am); Half Day PM (arrive at 12:00pm)

ADDITIONAL NOTES:  There will be a hospitality room with refreshments and eats.  Companies interested in hiring students can use the mock interviews to vet students and conduct follow-up interviews.  Recommend you print this page to reference.