Criteria For Entrance Into CCA

Admission to CCA is based on the following criteria:  career interest, satisfactory attendance, satisfactory conduct (citizenship marks on report cards and office referrals to Vice Principal's office are considered), satisfactory standardized test scores, and at least a "C" average in core subjects (English, math, science, and social studies) in middle school.  Please note that copies of middle school discipline records will be reviewed by Construction Careers Academy administrators.  Students who meet the criteria will be admitted to the lottery pool.  Once a lottery pool has been established from the applications that meet the initial criteria, the lottery will be conducted.  Selections from the qualified applications are random.  At the end of each semester, grades, conduct, attendance and test scores will be reviewed and admission may be revoked if all are not satisfactory.  Students included in the lottery pool but not selected in the initial lottery will remain in the pool that will be used to fill additional spots as openings occur. 

Students who are not selected during their freshman year will have another opportunity as they enter into their sophomore year.   These applicants will be entered into a lottery pool and students will be selected to fill potential openings based on attrition.  Selected students will be enrolled in CCA to start their sophomore year. 

It is important to understand that According to UIL policy, once enrolled in a magnet program, if the student leaves the magnet school to attend the school of the parents' residence or any other high school, the student is not elegible for varsity athletic competition for one calendar year.  Also, students who attend NISD magnet schools will represent only their respective magnet/host campus in school extracurricular activities.