Community Service Hours

Service to the community is an integral part of the Academy’s enrichment program and is important to the growth of all CCA students.   Through service, students will have the opportunity to utilize the skills learned in CCA.  Service opportunities will also help with college and scholarship acceptance.  It will also provide the student an opportunity to give back.  Service to the community will also give students an opportunity to serve as an ambassador for CCA.   

Service hours are volunteer hours in which a student helps the community through free service that directly benefits those in need.    Students are required to accumulate 32 service hours during their tenure at CCA in order to successfully complete the program.  This is an average of 8 hours per year.   Students are required to log their service hours via the CCA Service Hour portal.  Students can login and/or create an account at  When logging hours students must include the contact information for a supervising adult.

Students should contact the CCA Program Coordinator for information on tracking their service hours.     The campus Program Coordinator is the final approving authority for all service hours.   If a student completes more than the required 32 hours of service in a given year, the extra hours will count towards their final total.

It will be important for students to track their service hours.  Students must complete the 32 hours of service to complete and receive the Construction Careers Academy Program Completion Certificate.  Certificates will be awarded at graduation.  In addition, students who are on track to complete their service hours during their junior year are eligible to receive their CCA letterman patch.   Service hours must be verified. 

Types of Service Hours That Do Not Qualify **

  • Work for yourself.
  • Work for your family or your extended family.
  • Work performed without adult supervision.   
  • Work for pay. Volunteers work for free. Students may not accept anything for their volunteer work.
  • Work in place of a paid employee of a for-profit or non-profit business.  
  • Work with a paid employee to perform duties that are not community service related.
  • Work as a requirement for membership in any club, group, organization, or sports team or to fulfill another classroom assignment.
  • Work done during regular school day. 

Types of Service Hours That Do Qualify **

  • You may work at any non-profit service agency.
  • You may work at the Drop-in Center.  You may work on a Habitat house.  You may work at any business which has service jobs available but has no regularly paid employees to do the work done by volunteers.
  • You may work at a charitable event sponsored by a for-profit business.  
  • You may work at an event sponsored by a non-profit and/or for-profit business that raises funds for a non-profit agency.
  • You may volunteer at a community service oriented for-profit business that enlists volunteers to do community services that are not part of its regular goods and services, as long as you are not paid and not performing someone’s regularly paid job.
  • You may do social service related work with or for your church or parish. 
  • You may help with community service projects that benefit individuals in your local community.

** Note:  List is not all inclusive.  It  is designed for students to understand the spirit and intent of service opportunities.  When in question contact the CCA Program Coordinator.