Keep In Touch With What's Going On At CCA

Keeping our students and  parents informed is a top priority.  There are a number of ways to receive updates, announcements, and general information. 

Text Messaging:  We use "Remind" to broadcast text messages to our parents.  Remind is a text message (communication) platform that allows us to broadcast text messages "one way" and provide our subscribers (parents and students) with information--it is a one way communication used to broadcast announcements on an as needed basis.   Opting in is simple.  Text the word @ccainfo to the 5 digit number 81010 (abbreviated 5 digit phone number).  WE DO NOT SPAM YOU WITH JUNK TEXT. 

Email:  Subscribe to become part of the CCA email group.  You can opt-in by clicking on the "Opt-In To Email" link.  A contact form will appear.  You will enter your name and email address.  In the "Remarks" section enter "Opting Into CCA Email Group."  You will be added to the email group and receive emails on an as needed basis.  WE DO NOT SPAM YOU WITH JUNK EMAIL.  Click Here to Opt-In To Email

Campus Website:  Another way to keep up with CCA is our campus website.  We recommend you visit the campus website often and consistently.

CCA Newsletter:  Every six weeks we publish the "Construction Careers Academy News."  You can download a copy of the newsletter on our website.  It is filled with indepth news and information. 

Phone Blast:  You will frequently receive automated phone messages about important information and events, please listen to these messages in their entirety. 

Town Hall Meetings:  Throughout the year we have "Town Hall Meetings."  These meetings are in the form of Open House, Meet and Greets, Spring Meetings, etc.  We recommend you attend these meetings to get information and interact with other parents.  Often the meetings culminate in a question and answer session that allows parents to ask questions and/or share their concerns.  These meetings are scheduled and posted on the CCA website calendar. 

CCA Parent Partnership:  We would encourage you to join the CCA Parent Partnership team.  This team is made up of the CCA parents.  For more information contact the front office at 397-4294. 

Phone Calls:  If all else fails please contact the front office for information and updates.  The phone number to the front office is 397-4294.