Mentor Program

Mentor Banquet 2017The goal of the BCHS Mentor Program is to provide our students with role models in professional positions who will contribute to their personal development and expand their understanding of the business world and future career opportunities. Our Mentoring Program is honored with over 150 mentors, 23 of which are Alum of BCHS and some have been mentoring our students for over 10 years! The San Antonio and surrounding area large and small corporate community pulls together to reach our future innovative business leaders of BCHS.

The school provides an opportunity for students and mentors to have lunch together on the Business Careers campus approximately once a month from September to May. The student and mentor meet during the student's assigned lunch period. Some months, the school's culinary arts classes prepare the meal; on other months mentors bring lunch for themselves and their mentee.

The BCHS staff will be responsible for pairing students and mentors. Every effort will be made to match students and mentors with similar career or extracurricular interests.

The application process is now open for the 2018-19 school year. 


2018-19 Mentor Lunch Dates

*Catered lunches

*Catered lunches
September 27,28 *January 10,11
October 25,26 February 14,15
November 15,16 *March 7,8
*December 20,21 April 4,5


Interested in making a positive impact on our future leaders?
Apply now to be a Mentor! Follow link to complete the application.
All Mentors will need to complete the application as well as the NISD Background check to be accepted.


Would you like to have an opportunity to learn from someone working in the profession which you are interested? Looking to have a professional perspective on what your future career could be like?
If you answered YES, then apply for our 2018-19 Mentor Program.
You will need  to complete the follwing forms:
Mentor Program Student online application and Student/Parent Acknowledgment Form .
You need your NISD account to complete the forms (s#, 4x4).
Return the completed forms to BCHS front office.
All applicants are chosen on a first come first serve basis. 

Thank you BCHS Community!

Thank you to all of the many businesses including those listed below, who serve as our Mentors, and represent our supportive community.

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For more information on the mentor program, contact Campus Programs Coordinator Gina Castillo:  e-mail:   phone: 397-7069