Academy of Finance

The Academy of Finance promotes financial literacy and concentrates on the financial sector of business and prepares students for college and a career in the financial industry.  Academy of Finance students are challenged to master the leadership skills that are in demand by today’s businesses such as effective communication, problem solving, technology applications, and teamwork.  Focus is given to business in a global economy.  This academy will prepare students to transition into college as well as give them valuable experience for those aspiring to be accountants, financial analysts, securities investors, or stockbrokers.

All BCHS students will take the standard core courses, but it is recommended that all students take English at the Pre-AP and AP level for all 4 years and all social studies courses at the Pre-AP and AP level through U.S. History.  All students are encouraged to also take a senior capstone course called College Transitions. In this course, students will be walked through the process of researching and applying for college admissions, scholarships and other forms of financial aid, or exploring other post-secondary endeavors such as the military. The academy you choose will determine the sequence of business courses you will take over your 4 years at BCHS.  Your counselor will work with you to ensure that you meet all graduation and academy requirements.  BCHS students must complete 6 business credits prior to graduation and must be enrolled in at least one business class each year.