I am Special Revenue Strong


...because we manage grants that help support targeted populations such as at-risk, special education, gifted and talented and economically disadvantaged students.

...because we support grants for special projects within NISD and the community that promote student achievement and parental involvement.

...because we collaborate with campuses/departments to educate parents and the community about Medicaid resources.

...because we collect over $25M annually in Medicaid reimbursements that are funneled back to student programs.

...because we create innovative methods that allow us to provide the same quality services to campuses/departments despite District growth.

...because we locate and re-purpose existing resources to bring projects to life.

...because we foster collaboration between campuses/departments in order to determine the best allocation of financial resources.

...because we facilitate grants that further teacher and staff education.

...because we adhere to federal, state and local regulations that maintain fiscal compliance and contribute to NISD’s FIRST rating.