I am Payroll Strong


 ...because we pay Northside employees on time

...because we strive to pay all employees accurately and to provide excellent customer service 

...because each month we process almost 11,000 pay checks for professional/classified employees

...because every other week we process over 5,000 pay checks for auxiliary employees 

...because we withhold all mandated federal taxes, garnishments and other deductions as required 

...because we make timely payments to the IRS and vendors for amounts withheld from employees

...because we make timely contributions to TRS each month on behalf of our employees 

...because for 2014 we processed 18,855 W-2 forms

...because we provide employees access to their payroll information electronically  

...because we work with Accounting, Budget, and Special Revenues to properly record all payroll transactions in the general ledger

...because we work with outside agencies and auditors to comply with laws and regulations