I Am Accounting & Accounts Payable Strong


...because we ensure campuses and departments have the resources they need to operate.

...because we provide immediate support to our internal and external customers daily.

...because we do our best to ensure fees charged to the District are kept to a minimum.

...because we establish procedures that help safeguard District assets.

...because we are able to support all student activities for the District’s 100+ campuses.

...because we ensure payments for products and services for thousands of vendors are processed timely.

...because we ensure the District’s financial records are accurate and available to users for decision-making.

...because our investment strategies enable us to maximize interest earnings for the District.

...because we continue to streamline the vendor payment process by encouraging electronic direct deposit.

...because we have earned the District the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting 23 years in a row.

...because our cash management approach enables us to manage our debt costs and maintain one of the lowest tax rates among Bexar County’s 16 school districts.