Accounting, Accounts Payable and Cash Management

The Accounting and Cash Management Department is responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the school district's financial records and the accountability of fixed assets. In addition, the annual audit process by external auditors is coordinated by the Accounting Department.

Cash Management is responsible for managing and investing the district's financial assets in accordance with the public funds investment and the district's investment policy. Cash Management maintains the operating liquidity for all funds through continual cash flow analysis and is the primary contact for the district's depository and safekeeping services, investment brokers, and investment pools.

The Accounts Payable Department is responsible for all non-payroll disbursements, and ensuring payments to vendors are made timely and accurately. Other related duties and responsibilities include management of the travel disbursement and payments.

Investment Information


Director of Accounting Services

Susan Rios (210) 397-8541

Assistant Director of Accounting Services

Letty Lozano: Online Payments & Accounts Payable (210) 397-8558
Tamara Payne: Cash Management (210) 397-8513

Staff Accountant

Jinky Lozano (210) 397-8516

Capital Assets Manager

Donna McQuaig (210) 397-8847

Supervisor of Accounting Services

Carolyn Hall (210) 397-8511

Supervisor of Accounts Payable

Terry Morales (210) 397-8529

Accounts Payable Specialists

Vacant (210) 397-8520
Elvia Becerra (210) 397-8530
Gabriela Salazar  (210) 397-8517
Lisa Davis (210) 397-8518
Margie Huerta (210) 397-8531
Martha Santos (210) 397-7819
Natalie Rodriguez (210) 397-8528
Rebecca Higdon (210) 397-8527
Rita Campos (210) 397-8523
Teresa Vela (210) 397-8526
Vanessa Regalado (210) 397-8519


Accounting Specialists—Administrative Support

Emilia Gomez: Online Payments (210) 397-8522
Adrana Lewis (210) 397-8793
Tanya Soriano-Muir (210) 397-8807
Sandra Bermea: Cash Management (210) 397-8512
Marianela Bennett: Student Activity Funds (210) 397-8842

Accounting Specialists—Campus Support

Cara Ogle  
Elina Veltri