STAAR Testing

STAAR testing will be April 23rd and 24th. Please read the STAAR Tips to help your child be ready for the test. 

STAAR Tips for Parents

During the coming week, students across the state will be taking the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills.  Here are several tips for parents to help prepare your child during TAKS testing week.

  • Do make sure your child gets plenty of rest the night before the test.  The National Sleep Foundation – – recommends that children up to age 12 get 9 – 11 hours of sleep each night.
    Do wake up early and in plenty of time so he/she won’t feel rushed the morning of the test.
  • Do emphasize that test scores do not determine a person’s worth. Remind them that test scores are not perfect measures of what they can achieve.  Reassure your child, no matter the outcome of the teyou will still love him/her.    Simply encourage them to do their best.
  • Don’t over emphasize the importance of the test; you may stress him/her out, it is important for your child to stay relaxed on the test. Try not to say things to make him/her feel more nervous.  When your child feels good, they will do their best.
  • Do something fun the night before to take their mind off the test (see a movie, play a board game, participate in a sport activity).  That way their mind and emotions are more relaxed in the time leading up to the test.
  • Do eat a hearty breakfast.  The brain needs a lot of energy to maintain focus on a big test for several hours.  Eat a hearty and healthy breakfast, including complex carbohydrates and protein to help energize your brain and think more clearly.  
  • Do have a healthy snack.  Bring simple foods such as peanut butter and crackers, cheese and crackers. Avoid sugary foods.  *See note. 
  • Do ensure that you child arrives at school on time and is relaxed.  Children should come to school on STAAR days.  Attendance on test dates is critical.  Texas Education Agency requires a test participation rate of 95 percent of students for a school to be in compliance with Texas’ accountability system.
  • Do dress in comfortable clothing. Bring a sweater or jacket to accommodate for temperature fluctuations. Wear quite shoes with rubber soles such as sneakers.  Leave your back pack at home.
  • Do bring extra reading material.  Students are not allowed to do any other activity other than reading once their test is completed.  Ensure your student brings reading material or books for this purpose.

Many students – even those who perform extremely well in school – experience tremendous anxiety because of the STAAR test.  A certain degree of test anxiety is normal and may help students work more efficiently and remain focused during testing.  Too much anxiety, however, can negatively affect performance. Parents who follow these tips can help a great deal in alleviating STAAR related anxiety and ensuring STAAR success for their children.

* Deliveries WILL NOT be made to students during the testing day. If your child has any special dietary needs due to medical or religious reasons please ensure your students bring their additional snack and/or lunch from home.

Deliveries of items such as: books, lunch, snacks, messages etc. will be made after the testing day (2:00 p.m.)

No Visitors Allowed on Test Day!