I Am Burke Inspired

Staff at Burke Elementary are inspired by......

"The relentless work that all my staff does. It doesn't matter their postion, they are all for doing what's best for students"- Mrs. Knapp, Principal 

principal knapp running through a line of student giving high fives

"by my students' eagerness to learn and willingness to share their knowledge!!!"-Mrs. Contreras, 4th Grade

"by how proud my students feel when they accomplish something!"-Mrs. Gonzalez, 1st Grade

"by our amazing hard working family. Our students come to school and love to learn because our faculty loves to teach!"-Mrs. Garcia, Kinder

"My students inspire me to be a better teacher."-Mrs. Garza, 1st Grade

"When I see the students walk in the front doors and they are excited to be at school."- Ms. Benavides, Nurse

"Because the students and the faculty both work hard and play hard too."-Mr. Brockway, Music Teacher

"I am Burke because Burke students and staff are a family, and we all have perseverance and grit!"-Mrs. Saldaña, Science Specialist

Burke Staff seating on blue stadium seats


"...By Burke teachers, staff and administrators who pour their passion and energy into our students on a daily basis! Burke teachers never give up!"- Dr. Rodriguez, 3rd Grade 

"When I see my pre k students light up when they get an idea, or learn something new!"-Mrs. Lira, Pre-K

"I am Burke Inspired for the Family that we are. I teach for the excitement and joy and smiles i get from the students who remember and use what I've taught them."-Mrs. Guerrero, Computer Teacher 

"By the students excitement every day."-Ms. Cazares, ALE 

"When I see progress in my students."-Ms. Carrizales, Pre-K

"I am Burke inspired to motivate all students to push forward and challenge themselves to be the best they can be."- Mr. Bailon, 4th Grade 

"By the students and teachers who create, transform their lives into dreams"-Mrs. Flores, Office Clerk  

burke staff high fiveing students in a hallway

"By the cohesiveness of the Burke family."- Mrs. Ortiz 5th grade

"I am inspired by the power of our positive school culture, which allows us to achieve great things!"- Coach Callahan

"Because I'm surrounded by an outstanding leader, wonderful colleagues, the most amazing & supportive parents and kids that I'm eager to teach everyday!"-Mrs. Lopes, 3rd Grade

"Because of my students"-Mr. Padilla, 2nd Grade

"Because I have the privilege to work, learn, teach, and grow with amazing students and colleagues!"-Mrs. Guerrero, Reading Specialist

"To do my very best for all my students!"-Mrs. Arsuaga, 5th Grade

"By my students excitement when they are learning something new."- Ms. Hernandez, 1st Grade

small children high fiveing older taller students

"To make a difference."- Dr. Lares, Kinder

"Because I have the privilege to show up and work with the best students in San Antonio!"-Mrs. Moriarty, 4th Grade

"By our students imagination."- Ms. Arellano, ALE

"Because I have been quickly welcomed into the Burke family."- Dr. Peña, Vice Principal 

"Because my students my students are awesome!!!!"- Mrs. Mechler, 2nd Grade

"Because we do what is best for kids!"- Mrs. Dunlap, Reading Specialist

"Seeing my students passionate about learning"- Mrs. Peña, Kinder

teacher on a bicycle waiting in a line of bicycles for bike rodeo

"To give my students and colleagues the best I can everyday."- Mrs. Valladolid, 4th Grade

"We have hard-working, dedicated teachers who care about every student on campus."-Mrs. Bailon, 2nd Grade

"By working with a united group of teachers, that are effective with their students."- Mrs. Lopez

"I am inspired by the growth and connections my students make throughout the year. I am also inspired by our wonderful staff
that goes above and beyond for every student. I am inspired by our Burke Community!"- Mrs. Castaneda, ALE

"Each time I see former students progressing in upper grades!"-Mrs. Hale, PPCD

"By the resiliency I witness our students have on a daily basis and their love for learning!"-Mrs. Mendoza, Counselor

burke choir at ready to perform

"Because our teachers and staff take risks and challenge themselves to become better educators."- Ms. Perez, Speech Specialist

"When I see teachers thinking outside the box and try something new."- Mrs. Oldenburg, 1st Grade

"Because of my awesome 3rd grade team!"- Mr. Harris, 3rd Grade

"To provide our students with opportunities to develop their 21st century skills in order to prepare them for college."- Ms. De Los Santos, Librarian

burke mascot chatting with a young student

We Are All Inspired!

picture of all burke staff posing as a group with matching tshirts