2016-2017 Brennan Cheer Team

Give Me a B, Give Me an R, Give Me an E
Thanks to everyone who tried out for the 2016-2017 Brennan Cheer Team, and congratulations to those who made the team.

Varsity (Pictured with a black sash)
Dantasia Smith, Nautia Hernandez, Savanna Harsh, Angie Hinojosa, Rhiannon Ochoa, Jourdan Martinez, Isabelle Galvan, Mehghen Hurst, Jailynn Muñoz, Gabriella Alaquinez, Tamara McClenton and Trinity Wilson.
Junior Varsity (Pictured with a gold sash)
Ashley Tate, Elizabeth Harris, Madeline Gonzalez, Paitin Davis, Imani McCalister, Jasmine Medrano, Cristina Hawley, Alexis Guerra, Samuria Pace, Addison Gee, MeKaela Bell and Destinee Browning.