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Accelerated Instruction Program (AIP) & 
End of Course (EOC) Exam Retest Information

  • What is summer Accelerated Instruction Program?

Accelerated Instruction Program is a FREE 13 day summer program that offers targeted curriculum to address students’ areas of weakness. AIP along with the EOC retest(s) are required for all students who scored “unsatisfactory” or “minimum” on any of their EOC exams.

  •  When is summer Accelerated Instruction Program?

June 12th - July 3rd  (Monday-Thursday)       
1st Session: 8:00am – 11:00am

            2nd Session: 11:30am – 2:30pm

            *Students who plan on staying for both sessions should bring a sack lunch.

  •  Where is summer Accelerated Instruction Program?

Summer Accelerated Instruction Program will be held at Brennan High School. Bus transportation will be provided for students at the designated locations given below:

Students need to be at the designated pick up spot 10 to 15 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time.  Times are ESTIMATES!!! Variations may occur due to traffic and other conditions.

                                         Morning Pick up      Mid-Day Drop off      2nd Session Drop Off

Behlau Bus Lane                          7:20am                  11:34am                               3:04pm

Langley Car Lane                         7:29am                  11:33am                               2:58pm

OTT Car Lane                               7:34am                  11:20am                               2:50pm

Leick Elementary                          7:38am                  11:25am                               2:50pm

Galm ES Front of School              7:40am                  11:15am                               2:45pm

Brennan H.S.                   (Arrival)7:50am          (Departure)11:00am         (Departure)2:30 pm

  • How do I enroll my student in the summer Accelerated Instruction Program?

All students that are eligible for the AIP will be enrolled in the program by their counselor. Please sign and complete the attached AIP form to acknowledge your child’s participation in the program. 

  • How do I register my student to retake the EOC exam(s) in July?

All students have been registered by their counselor for the EOC exam(s) they need to retake. EOC testing will be held at Brennan High School. Please see the EOC testing dates/times on the reverse side of this page.

  • Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s counselor, the Academic Dean and/or the Academic Support Teacher.
        Counselors                  (210) 398-1282:

Claudia De Leon                   A-Fi

Desiree Smith                     Fl–Hi and As Assigned

Mary Cervantes                   Ho-Pl

Michelle Zamarripa             Po-Z

Elizabeth Stout                   Head Counselor

Margaret Greff (Academic Dean):  (210) 398-1293

Erika Martinez (Academic Support Teacher): (210) 398-1371