Prom Promise 2013

In 2012 the leading cause of teen deaths nationwide was car crashes. More than half of the reasons for these crashes are drinking and driving. During this year we lost students from different grade levels from different NISD schools due to car accidents. Though perhaps imperative driving while intoxicated was not the reason for their deaths, they all involved driving behind the wheel. We all want our best friend to walk the stage with us on June 15th and we all want to remember Prom with them through the years to come even though none of this may sink into all of the seniors here at Brennan until later. If one person’s choice to not drink and drive can be changed, then a difference has been made. We are graduating with a class of 418 seniors. We want to keep that number on June 15th; we do not want it to change. Brennan High School's second ever Prom will take place this Saturday on May 4th, 2013. As we all get ready on that night just remember, your decisions don’t just affect yourself, but affect everyone else around you. Don't be a follower, be a leader and set the bar high for the underclassman, for your peers, and for you, the choice is yours." Click here to sign your Prom Promise.

Once you have signed your Prom Promise here are the steps to finish.

Step 1) print out the Prom Promise Pledge and sign it.
Step 2) cut off your signiture from the pledge and keep it to remind you of what you comitted too.
Step 3) place your signiture cut out on the senior banner in the Senior hall by Friday, May 3rd.
Step 4) take yours down when we return back to school and save it for your senior scrapbook to always remember.