Brennan Bowling Team

2013 Varsity Bowling TeamIf case you may not have heard, Brennan does have a bowling team.  Brennan is just one of the 12 high schools in the Northside District that participate in the Texas High School Bowling Program.  In San Antonio, high schools from the Northside and Northeast school districts compete for the opportunity to win their district and qualify for the regional tournament with the hopes of qualifying for the state tournament.

The bowling season begins in October with tryouts.  Once the tryouts are complete, the selections are made as to who will be on the Varsity Squad and who will be on the Junior Varsity Squad.  We had a much better turnout this year and had a total of 9 students play on the J.V. teams this year.  With the loss of 5 seniors on the boys’ team we have a good young crop of bowlers that will be moving up to fill their slots on the Varsity Squad for this next season.

The Northside School District has had high schools participate in the program for the last five years.  This is the third year that Brennan has fielded both Boys and Girls teams to participate.  The first year of Brennan’s participation got our feet wet.  We did not do very well that first year in district play but that changed the following year in 2012.  The boys’ varsity team won their district, but was not able to advance from the regional tournament.  The girls’ varsity placed second in district and qualified for the regional tournament, but did not advance. We did have one boy Ryan B. place 2nd in singles to qualify for state.

The 2013 Varsity Boys and Girls did well again this year although we did not win our district the boys finished 2nd and the girls 4th.  The varsity boys did qualify for the regional tournament and with a nail biting finish, they were able to take over the top position and bring home the regional championship.  The Varsity Boys will be representing Brennan High School at the State Tournament in Ft. Worth on the 23rd and 24th of March.  Ryan B., Patrick I., Aaron L., Brandon C., Jason M., and Chris C. will compete as a team at state.

Aside from the team aspect of the bowling program, individual bowlers compete to qualify for the singles tournament.  In order to do this, they must bowl a minimum 21 games and obtain a high enough average that will place them in the top six positions in district play.  This year in the top six spots, Brennan placed 2nd through 6th. Those boys were Ryan B., Patrick I., Aaron L., Brandon C., Jason M., and Jacob R..  On the girls side we had one bowler finish 3rd in singles for the district, Amanda M.. At the regional tournament, two boys and one girl from Brennan will be representing Brennan High School at the State Tournament being in Ft Worth on the 23rd and 24th of March. Ryan B., Patrick I., and Amanda M. will compete in singles at state.

So if you see anyone of the bowlers congratulate them and wish them good luck this coming weekend as they represent not only themselves, but Brennan High School.

Thanks to the volunteer coaches Tom and Patricia Bennett, and Don Inkpen for their numerous volunteers hours spent coaching our Varsity and JV teams. Without them there would not be a bowling team.