Parental Involvement Agenda

I. Outline Committee Expectation
  • Review Campus Comprehensive Needs Assessment
  • Facilitate Campus parental involvement activities and events
  • Facilitate in sharing of information to team members
  • Monitor and evaluate parental involvement activities and events 
  • Review the Parental Involvemnet Policy using district-provided 
  • evaluation checklist (Spring)
  • Review School/Parent/Student compact using district-provided 
  • Evaluation checklist (Spring)
  • Prepare Parent and Family Survey (Spring)
II. Review Campus Comprehensive Needs Assessment
III. Review/Discuss Campus Activities and Events 
  • September-Open House/Title 1 Presentation/Technology Night
  • October-Fall Carnival (PTA)
  • November-Family Night: Reading Make and Take 
  • January-Family Night: Math Make and Take 
  • February-Student-led Conferences
  • March-Family Fun Night-Dinner and a movie (PTA)
  • May-Student Showcase Night