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Depth and Complexity Icons

Details – As you consider the design of this icon, think about the details of the flower and how each part (flower petals, etc.) make up the whole flower.  Details contain the information that enhance understanding.  They act as supporting information to a big idea or concept (main idea).  Details include: parts, factors, attributes, traits, and variables.   If we go to a math example:  27 + (16 - 5) =    the details are the numbers themselves (the parts that make up the equation).   

Being able to discern important details of a story is key to one’s ability to critically analyze that text.  While we can concede that one of the pigs in the story, The Three Pigs is wearing a red shirt, we can agree that the color of the shirt is extraneous and doesn’t lead to a deeper understanding of the story.  

10 Days before Winter Break!!!

Mon. Dec. 7th Time to Relax with Cozy Slippers
Tues. Dec. 8th "Jingle" All the Way: Wear your favorite "Jingle Bell"
Wed. Dec 9th Holiday Spirit: Wear a Red or Green Shirt
Thurs. Dec. 10th  Glitz & Glam: Wear your SPARKLE shirt
Fri. Dec. 11th Comfy & Cozy: Wear your PJ's Day

Mon. Dec. 14 Ho Ho Ho! Wear your special "Santa Hat"
Tues. Dec 15 Wear your festive Holiday "Head Gear" ( reindeer, elf. etc. )
Wed. Dec. 16 Joy to wearing your favorite "Holiday Shirt"
Thurs. Dec. 17 Winter Runway: Wear your comfy "scarf & boots"
Fri. Dec. 18 Wear Grinch green or a Grinch shirt

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